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bakemonoexgrafix: Monster x Graphics


Hajimemashite! You are viewing the info of a young girl's graphic comm. This is a pretty laidback comm. I don't ask for credit on anything but the layouts and even then I'm pretty lenient.I created this as a place where I could keep and find all of my lj-layouts and have onther people use them. I know there are plenty of sites out there but all of mine are unique. Every single layout I make is made using Microsoft Paint. No fancy Paint Shops or paint brushes, just what my computer was born with. And let me tell you, it is very frustrating work. They may not be as pretty, but they were very hard to make. My icons go throught Microsoft Paint, Arcsoft Photo Editor, and the Gimp (Download Here)


Credit: Credit me, your dog, Santa Claus; It doesn't matter. If you do credit, place my name in the keyword section or the comm's. I don't track people down, so it really doesn't matter. Please leave the credit on your layout. They take a long time to make, and I'm a very lazy person, so that makes it even longer.
P.S: If you see something of yours and my comm, just tell me and I'll credit you.

Hotlinking: I hate hotlinkers and I hope you die. It kills bandwith so don't do it, or I'll go crazy. Thanks

Customizing: Textless icons aren't bases, unless otherwise stated in the post. I don't care if you do edit them but please note that I still made the icon, regardless of what you did to it. Layouts aren't to be customized, unless it's minor things like the title and the words for the links. If you change the whole thing, why did you take it anyway?

Joining: Friend or Join. I don't bite and if you want posting access just comment on the latest entry.





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